Features of our online games

Our Microworlds are business games that provide risk free learning environments for executives and students to experience issues in strategy or general management.

The games are all concerned with business strategy and help develop understanding of dynamic business performance over time.

These games are developed in-house and are used in top MBA and executive courses at leading business schools. The simpler games provide sufficient teaching material for a half day class although shorter or longer classes are possible. Our more complex Microworlds provide a full days teaching but have been used for periods ranging from under one hour up to two and a half days.

Main features

  • Simple interfaces allow a focus on strategy, not learning the software
  • Realistic behavior keeps people engaged
  • Extensive reports, tables and charts provide clear feedback on performance
  • Diagrams explain the links between the business system and performance
  • Rigorous underlying strategy dynamics simulation ensures realistic response to user decisions
  • Challenges allow users to explore strategy under varying conditions
  • Extensive instructor materials provide clear guidance on class activities
Features - More detail
Our games feature minimal decision-sets and simple interfaces allowing a focus on strategy, not learning the software
Players choose when to run forward and the simulation runs forward one month with each step, or can choose to repeat decisions over several months.
"Go Back" option
A 'Go back' option allows previous decisions to be revised an alternative strategies explored. This option can be turned off by event managers.
Games* include a selection of challenges included that provide different situations for students to work with.
* not People Express
Resource map
Games include an interactive ‘Resource Map’ of the business architecture showing key resource relationships. Players cac click on any data item to obtain a chart of behaviour over time.
* not People Express
Reports, Graphs and Tables
Range of numerical reports showing relevant data.
Graphs showing key data items. Graphs for single data items are available by clicking on table headings.
Tables showing entire history of data. Plus tables of user decisions. Table data may be exported to CSV files. Any item appearing in a table can be represented as a graph - click on the table heading.
Game Notepad
Use the Game Notepad to record strategies. In conjunction with easy copy and paste facilities for Reports, Graphs and Tables this makes presentation of results simple.
Copy to other applications
Images of all Reports, Graphs and Tables can be copied into other applications for inclusion in documents and slide presentations produced. Game data can be copied from tables into spreadsheets for further analysis.
Custom Graphs
Items reported in tables can be displayed as a graph - simply double click on the table heading.
Additional features - Instructors
Teachers materials
Materials included with events include the user guide as well as instructor slides and slide notes.
Student performance
Participants games each have a selection of KPIs which are available to instructors. Student games can be opened in Read Only format by instructors.
Game Management
Participants games each have a selection of KPIs which are available to instructors. Student games can be opened in Read Only format by instructors.