eBank Microworld
Starting a new savings bank

This is a small-scale game, reflecting the start-up of a low-cost, direct-service savings bank, similar to the 1998 launch of the UK firm 'Egg', as well as similar business models in other countries. Specifically, the challenge is to turn the business into a sustainable, strong profit generator within 36-48 months.

eBank presents the difficult challenge of matching staffing levels with rapidly varying workloads, when there are unavoidable delays in getting the staff required. Low costs and high interest rates make it attractive for savers to invest their money with this business. But get that staffing wrong, and not only will poor service damage the company's growth prospects, but existing staff may leave as well.

It has close analogies with any service-based business that relies on trained staff, such as: on-line insurance companies, road-side repair operations, and public services. Similar issues arise for organisations selling physical goods that require after-sales support.

eBank Microworld + 'Screenshot'

Based on the case of an early UK internet savings bank, the focus is on keeping supply and demand in balance to create a sustainable, strong profit generator.

Can you keep the supply and demand of your savings bank services in balance to create a sustainable, strong profit generator?

You can try to build a totally new brand or take on a business that a previous team has been managing.

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