Setting up an event:

A typical sequence for setting up an event is as follows.

  • We provide evaluation evaluation access for new teachers together with a guide price for your class - use our request form here
  • We establish the details for your class and arrange how it will be paid for
  • We set up your event for you and email the student access details to you
  • You provide the access details to your students and they can then play the game
  • As the instructor, through your account page, you can
    • control the access times (e.g. prevent access between classes)
    • control whether students are allowed to go back or restart games
    • see their KPI results and open games as necessary
Our games focus on strategic management (delivering sustained performance over long periods), rather than short-term operations. "Under the hood" of each game is a dynamic model that mimics all important elements of real-world situations. You can be confident in the realism and learning value of these games, because they are simplified from practical models used by real organisations for real strategic management over many years. They therefore react consistently and realistically to the users decisions.

Next steps

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Request Evaluation Evaluation access
Teachers can request access to full game and inspection documentation for evaluation