Pricing and terms

Strategy Dynamics online games are licenced as "Events" which may be for a class lasting weeks or months or a workshop of one or two days.
Players (individuals or groups) are associated with the event so that instructors can see a summary of their performance.

Pricing Guide

Individual access
Min 10 people
Group access
Min 3 groups
Suitiability Access for up to 6 months 1 or 2 day workshop or class
Location Can be dispersed,
suitable for online courses
Local only,
one computer per group
Group work Work as individuals
or groups - see FAQs
Groups only
Registration Registration required
No registration
Payment Organisation OR student
Academic prices £10/person
US$ 16/person
US$ 55/group
Corporate /
Exec. Ed.
US$ 35/person
US$ 130/group

Pricing policy

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All enrolled students should be covered by a licence.

Student Pays Option: Where there are more than 20 students we can arrange for them to purchase direct from Strategy Dynamics Ltd but note the price per person is 15% higher to cover admin and support costs.

We coordinate with instructors to ensure that the appropriate number of licences are bought.

All prices exclude VAT: 20% in the UK, EU rates vary.

Please make yourself aware of our terms of service below.

Terms Of Service

Event Managers

When requesting an event please note the following

Event Participants


Service Continuity and Support

If you have any questions about our terms, please contact us for clarification.