White Label Restaurants
Balancing demands of Head Office and consumers

The White Label Restaurants game offers the challenge of growing a multiple consumer retailing business over as much as 10 years. At first, there is considerable undeveloped opportunity, but as restaurant numbers increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to drive further growth.

Players act as the management team, taking on the business with some history of growth and performance in earlier years. Decisions control customer experience, profitability, and business growth. 'Head Quarters' rewards success – or punishes failure! – and allocate capital to expand the business.

The challenges provided with the simulation allow players to tackle these issues from several different starting situations – a business that is already growing fast, another that must be rescued from disaster, or the challenge of chasing a rival who are already exploiting the market. Players can pursue a variety of goals: building the firm's sales or profitability; growing and maintaining 'shareholder value', or simply seeking personal rewards from profit-related bonuses.

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White Label Restaurants + 'Screenshot'

Can you satisfy both investors' desire for profitable growth and customers' wish for quality meals and service - especially when a rival is after the same market?

In a market familiar to most people this game plays out business performance over a time-scale that is long enough to experience the complexity of strategy and decision-making.

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