The Company

Strategy Dynamics has been providing games to corporate trainers and to universities since 1996. It's only fitting that a white label incarnation of our first game, the "Beefeater Restaurants Microworld" was the first to go online.

We work closely with clients

In addition to our own games we also work closely with clients to produce bespoke games for their own internal use. These are usually company specific so will not appear in our list of public games but we are open to collaborations on games. Contact us to open a conversation.

Our Expertise

Our games focus on strategic management (delivering sustained performance over long periods), rather than short-term operations. "Under the hood" of each game is a dynamic model that mimics all important elements of real-world situations.

You can be confident in the realism and learning value of these games, because they are simplified from practical models used by real organisations for real strategic management over many years. They therefore react consistently and realistically to the users decisions.