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Realistic Dynamic models
Our difference

Our games focus on strategic management (delivering sustained performance over long periods), rather than short-term operations.

"Under the hood" of each game is a dynamic model that mimics all important elements of real-world situations. You can be confident in the realism and learning value of these games, because they are simplified from practical models used by real organisations for real strategic management over many years. They therefore react consistently and realistically to the users decisions.

Balancing demands of Head Office and consumers

Can you satisfy both investors' desire for profitable growth and customers' wish for quality meals and service - especially when a rival is after the same market?

In a market familiar to most people this game plays out business performance over a time-scale that is long enough to experience the complexity of strategy and decision-making.

Build a low fare airlines business

Based closely on the development of the low fare airlines industry in Europe, this game can be played at varying levels of complexity.

Can your team build a successful airline quickly in this intensively competitive industry? Can you achieve the profitable growth and market domination of firms like Ryanair (Europe), Southwest (USA) or Air Asia (Far East) – or will you crash and die like most firms in the industry?

Starting a new savings bank

Based on the case of an early UK internet savings bank, the focus is on keeping supply and demand in balance to create a sustainable, strong profit generator.

Can you keep the supply and demand of your savings bank services in balance to create a sustainable, strong profit generator? You can try to build a totally new brand or take on a business that a previous team has been managing.

The rise and fall of a remarkable business phenomenon

In 1981, People Express Airlines was launched and a business legend took off. By 1986 it had a $1 billion annual revenue. Yet by 1986 it was nearly bankrupt, and at the last minute was acquired by Texas Air.

The People Express Management Flight Simulator gives teams the opportunity to find out what went wrong by 'flying' the company themselves.

Dynamics of service firms

Based on a management consultancy firm this game focuses on the special people-challenges faced by professional service organizations, issues that also confront service departments within other companies.

Teams gain valuable insights into important issues common to many service-based situations.

Balancing minimal resources

A simple game showing how feedback amongst customers can drive growth beyond what advertising alone can achieve, and how capacity constraints hold back that growth.

This game demonstrates that balancing resources even with as few as two key resources can be a challenge.

Launch of a consumer brand

Can you build and sustain a successful consumer brand and make it profitable before the launch budget runs out? How much profit can you make without destroying the very things that made it succeed in the first place?

Build a new brand or take on a business that a previous team has been managing…